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Welcome to the Van Zandt Republican Party page.

As the Van Zandt Chairman some of the things that are foremost on my mind, are the growth of the local party and the servant-hood of our officials.
Volunteers are paramount to having a successful, county Republican Party.

I think the stump speech I have used for the past 20+ years helps define who I am and the deep convictions I have. It also shows that no one person can do this job.
It takes more than 100 people to provide a smooth election process, and have a successful Republican Party.

“My name is Lance Lenz and I am the Republican Chairman for Van Zandt County.
I have held this office for the past 22 years.
I want to thank you for entrusting me with this honor.

I am married to Sherrill, my only wife, from June 25 1987.
We have 6 children from the ages of 15 through 26 and two grandchildren, growing like weeds.
We may not have as many as some in this room, but I think we’re still in pretty high cotton.

As your chairman, I believe, the strength and growth of the Republican Party is found in families.
Family’s intent on giving their children and grandchildren the hope of a better tomorrow,
the promise of a safe and secure today, and an appreciation and respect of yesterday.

Parents who teach their children the values of discipline, hard work, and personal responsibility.
Parents have the right to determine if their children will be taught in public, private, religious or home schools.

Government cannot, and has never been able to fulfil family needs.
By committing ourselves to Limited Government, we can provide the very best for the community.
Families and businesses will grow stronger when we don’t over regulate and tax the heart and soul out of them.

I believe in traditional marriage, that is the union of one natural man and one natural woman;
not same-sex marriages that promote an unhealthy lifestyle.

I support Single mothers and fathers struggling alone, yet raising their children with traditional values
and strong principles that will give them the opportunity to be successful.

As your county chairman, I believe in limited government, Not a Government that tries to be all things to all people.
Government that exists to do only a few things, and do them well, like,
Provide for a strong national defense against foreign enemies, Open and Free trade with a level playing field,
The protection of the unborn to the elderly.

And as Republicans we must remind the Federal Government that the taxes that are collected still belong to us.
That we have the freedom to defend ourselves and the right to pray.
And the States give the power to the Federal Government not the other way around.

Government begins local, here in Van Zandt County, not in Austin or Washington D.C.
This is the only way a Government of the people and by the people can exist. To limit the power of Government we must elect God-fearing Men and Woman.
As your Chairman I work hard to find qualified Men and Woman, who uphold the principals of God;
have strong family values, and support free enterprise.
I look for candidates that believe criminals are responsible for their own actions serve a full sentence and are rehabilitated before being released back to our committees.
Or if the crime warrants the death penalty that a fair trial be given before the hangin.

As you can see, finding qualified candidates is a difficult job, but in this county I am blessed.
I have the help of the very best Texas has to offer; they have deep convictions and visible passion.
These individuals help in finding the best candidates and keeping our elected officials encouraged.
They also direct candidates to elections schools and help explain what is required in putting together a campaign and raising money.

We have great candidates and office holders for the March Primary that hold to these values I would ask that you support them both financially and with your time.
I would also ask that you vote for them March.

Another responsibility I have as County Chairman is to arrange the primary election.
This is impossible for one person to do, and where I am blessed a second time.
I have great precinct chairs and clerks.
And others have volunteered to fill in when someone is sick even on Election Day.
I want to thank you for carrying the load during Primaries; building the Republican Party and making me look so good.

Again I thank you for the privilege to serve as your County Chairman, and I ask for your vote on March X.

God bless Van Zandt County and more importantly God Bless you.”